ACMG Consulting

ACMG Consulting is the advisory arm of Air Cargo Management Group. ACMG Consulting offers deep market analysis, advisory and forecasting. Click here for more details.

Auto Finance Advisors

AF_Advisors_SQAuto Finance Advisors (AFA) is a consultancy focused exclusively on helping its clients succeed in automotive lending and leasing. Our goal is help our clients succeed through smarter solutions and a better understanding of the auto finance market.

The consultancy is an outgrowth of the auto finance-related endeavors of Royal Media. Royal publishes Auto Finance News, the industry’s newsletter of record since 1996; produces the Auto Finance Summit, the industry’s largest event, the Auto Finance Risk Summit, and the Auto Finance Compliance Summit; and tabulates the Auto Finance Big Wheels ranking of the largest companies in the industry since 1999 and Auto Finance Performance, the definitive data resource on lender performance. These initiatives collectively give AFA a sound backbone of knowledge and industry resources with which to aid clients.

AFA consults in two broad manners: management advisory and industry research. AFA engages with auto finance management teams to define strategic goals and synchronize those goals with market realities. This engagement can vary in duration, but universally has AFA principals intensely engaged with clients.

AFA’s industry research invariably uses Big Wheels and/or Auto Finance Performance data as touchstones from which to launch more detailed research initiatives. Such projects often have AFA delving deeply into unique elements of the broader auto finance market. Research could include projects on specific auto finance products, pricing, and/or competition.

Additionally, AFA is available to assist in the development of strategic or operational plans, and can guide clients to meaningful business improvement. Our scope of projects include, but is not limited to:

  • Auto and Consumer Market Analysis
  • Auto Finance Benchmarking
  • Auto Finance Market Assessment
  • Auto Finance Operational Structure Analysis
  • Auto Product Launch
  • Bank-wide Operating Expense Reduction
  • Collections and Recovery Performance
  • Collections Performance and Effectiveness
  • Conceptual Design of a Dealer Approved Program
  • Customer Communication Management
  • Dealer Floorplan Best Practices
  • Dealer Reserve Balances
  • Indirect Auto Originations Assessment
  • Indirect Auto Product and Service Evaluation
  • Lease Termination Process Improvements
  • Loan Operations Review
  • Loss Mitigation Process Improvements
  • Loan Servicing Assessment
  • Operational Assessment
  • Originations and Collections Organizational Design
  • Originations, Servicing and Collections Best Practices
  • Performance Reporting
  • Process Review and Gap Analysis
  • Reengineering and Outsourcing
  • Technology Optimization
  • Third Party Servicing Sales Improvement

To learn more about how AFA can assist your company or fund, please call Marcie Belles at 212-991-6733 or