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Auto Finance Performance

Data Query and Research

The relationship between auto financier and car dealer is one of the most important in consumer finance. To date, not enough attention has been paid to the quality of this relationship.


To enhance that understanding, the consulting arm of Royal Media ― publisher of Auto Finance News and producer of the Auto Finance Summit and the Auto Finance Performance Summit ― produces the Auto Finance Performance (AFP) data query and research service. In its fifth year, the AFP query provides quantitative and qualitative data on dealer perceptions of lender performance, in an effort to determine substantially and definitively which auto financiers are performing best. More precisely, the survey data determines lenders’ strengths and weaknesses, and identifies opportunities, thereby providing lenders with actionable insights for marketing and strategic planning.

Responding dealers graded the three prime and three nonprime or subprime lenders with which they work most regularly. In each case, dealers were prompted to score their lenders in four broad categories ― referred to throughout this report as “Performance Factors”: Pricing, Service, Representatives, and Products. By “Pricing,” we mean to what degree are dealers satisfied with the pricing ― like interest rates and acquisition and reserve fees ― they get from lenders. “Service” relates to the treatment dealers receive from their financing sources. Scores for “Representatives” rate lenders on the performance of their staffers in the field, those that call on dealers for business. Finally, “Products” explores dealer perceptions of the quality, range, and relevance of the lender’s product set.


Data has been analyzed based on the prime-subprime split, by geography, dealership size and volume, and floorplan participation.


In all, 2,200 dealers completed the survey in 2017. Because each dealer could name and rate multiple lenders, we received nearly 9,000 lender evaluations.


The AFP uniquely collects data from the dealer community on your company’s performance, as well as the performance of other auto finance companies across the nation. The data offers a unique perspective on the SWOTs of your company, as well as those of your toughest competitors.