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Big Wheels Data Report

The 2018 Big Wheels Data Report provides exclusive statistics on the size of the auto lending and leasing industry and its players. Published annually since 1999, Big Wheels is the only ranking of the top 100 auto financiers in the nation by loans originated, leases originated, loans outstanding, and leases outstanding, as well as offers a forecast for organizations in the coming year.

Data set includes:

  • Total Outstandings
  • Total Originations
  • Total Loan Outstandings
  • Total Lease Originations
  • Originations by Lender/Lessor
  • Rankings by Institution
  • Directory of Auto Finance Companies

The report includes:

  • A breakdown of prime-vs.-subprime loans within each of the top 25 lenders’ portfolios
  • Average credit scores
  • The percent of applications funded for prime & subprime
  • A five-year history of total outstandings at the nation’s 10 largest lenders

Newest Feature:

  • 10 years of historical data