Charity & Volunteerism

On Dec. 26, 2004 — the day after Christmas — a tremendous underwater earthquake off the coast of Indonesia sent tsunamis, or tidal waves, radiating out into the Indian Ocean, sending more than 250,000 people to their death. Waves of 40 feet and more wiped out whole villages. Families were obliterated. And so many children perished.


Two days later, Royal Media dedicated itself to doing what it could to secure international relief aid not just for this tragedy, but for disasters to come. With this call, we formalized our charity work to focus on disaster recovery.


Royal has dedicated itself to concentrating its donations on international relief organizations, and its giving is tied tightly to the company’s activities. Starting in 2014, Royal began to focus its giving on Airlink, founded in 2010 by aviation professionals to facilitate a broad partnership between commercial aviation and nonprofit community. The intent was to utilize commercial aviation capacity on scheduled air carriers to support NGOs in their humanitarian relief efforts – all at relatively low cost to the airlines and nonprofits.


Since inception, Airlink and its airline partners have transported over 3,600 passengers and more than 2,500,000 pounds of cargo in support of a broad range of humanitarian initiatives. Airlink estimates the value of these movements at more than $3.8 million. Learn more about Airlink at


Royal makes donations to Airlink in the name of each member of our event Speaker Faculties. Yes, it is wonderful that members of our Speaker Faculties care enough about their industries to share their knowledge, ideas and wisdom with their colleagues. But Speaker Faculty members can take great pride in the charitable element of their efforts, as well.


Royal also gives its employees the opportunity to dedicate at least one paid workday to volunteerism. Volunteer Day is intended to make our giving “real.” Employees are free to use the day for whatever charitable or good works endeavor of their choosing. This is a day of no work emails, no work calls, no deadlines, no “reporting in,” no work obligations broadly — only a dedication to volunteerism in the way each employee thinks is best or most helpful.


For more information about Royal’s charitable endeavors, please email [email protected] or call 212-532-4612.