Connectivity Business unveils new website, product

  • Skylar Taylor
  • September 22, 2021
  • Press

The updated product enhances user experience

NEW YORK, NY (September 22, 2021) – Connectivity Business, the trusted source for satellite and telecom investment news, has launched its new website this week, providing readers with an improved user experience.

The site has been revamped to provide users with a better and more immersive website experience. The website has added better navigation, content previews and categorization to improve usage of the site and access to the content.

Along with the new website design, the subscription product has been enhanced with additional features. Two new data sets have been added to the website, providing insight into industry performance. The data includes a Connectivity Stocks database and the Connectivity Satellite database. The Connectivity Stocks database provides live share-price information for a selection of publicly traded connectivity companies. The Connectivity Satellite database is a listing of connectivity satellites currently in orbit and is culled from a broader dataset provided by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).

Connectivity Business was recently acquired by Royal Media, a leading specialized information company, in July.

“With the redesign of the website, we are confident we can improve the user experience for our subscribers and create an even more dynamic industry resource,” said Molly Stewart, Chief Operating Officer of Royal Media. “We want to continue to position Connectivity Business as the leading source of information at the center of what is happening in satellite and telecom finance.”

A free trial is available to preview the new subscription product and services. To subscribe, visit the new website at


Connectivity Business is keenly focused on reporting the news and trends of investment in the connectivity sector. We seek to track, understand, and foster connectivity investment, and help the connectivity industry advance.

What makes Connectivity Business unique is its concentration on connectivity investment, including mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and developments in capital markets that have implications for companies in space services, telecom and investment. It is not just the technology and strategies that matter, but the funding that makes them possible. Connectivity Business gives its readers deep analysis on key funding trends.

The connectivity industry is growing at a significant rate, with a CAGR in recent years at the top range of high-growth industries. With so much at stake, Connectivity Business is dedicated to guiding the connectivity investment community so that executives are better able to shape strategies and find success. That’s why, in addition to market reports, Connectivity Business also shares valuable data and presents an annual must-attend conference for serious connectivity investment. 

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