Freighter Forecast

The exclusive 20-Year Freighter Forecast, produced by Cargo Facts Consulting,  is the essential industry resource that any company operating in today’s market cannot afford to be without. Leave the forecasting to us and get the information you need now, purchase the 2018 Freighter Forecast today.

The Cargo Facts Consulting (CFC) forecast is the only in-depth, independent assessment of future demand for freighters. CFC’s forecast is unique in projecting fleet growth in five-year increments. Additionally,  purchasers receive the Freighter Forecast Analysis Tool that allows users to test the sensitivity of the forecast results to future levels of demand growth and aircraft productivity enhancements, and to shifts in the portion of freight carried in passenger aircraft bellies.


The Cargo Facts Freighter Forecast is the essential independent resource for strategic analysis of the current and future freighter aircraft fleet. It is an indispensable tool for air cargo and aircraft industry leaders, aircraft manufacturers, MROs, freighter conversion specialists and freighter systems manufacturers, and aircraft asset portfolio managers, lessors, analysts, and consultants.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Order the 2018 Freighter Forecast

  1. The 2018 Freighter Forecast is the fundamental resource for strategic analysis of the current and future freighter fleet.
  2. Freighter Forecast is the only unbiased resource of its kind;
  3. It includes a revamped analysis tool which allows for further sensitivity analysis;
  4. It is more than just a forecast — it includes background on 15 aircraft types; and
  5. It offers exceptional analysis at a low price.

Cargo Facts Consulting’s forecast is the only in-depth independent forecast of its kind – predicting total demand for freighters to meet growth and replacement needs under multiple scenarios of future air cargo market demand.


CFC’s forecast is unique in projecting fleet growth in five-year increments, and in showing demand for individual aircraft types, taking into account the impact of production freighter deliveries, passenger-to-freighter conversion activity, and the retirement of aging freighters from the existing fleet.


The report contains analysis of future prospects for fifteen aircraft types that will dominate the future freighter market, including production status, performance characteristics, and freighter conversion program availability.

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