Mobility Buzz Pivots to Cover Evolution of Mobility Finance

  • Skylar Taylor
  • May 4, 2017
  • Press

In true startup fashion, we are pivoting Mobility Buzz to focus on the financing and insuring of alternative transportation.

As such, Mobility Buzz, a Royal Media venture, is adopting a new name, Mobility Finance, and reside at Readers will see the changes go into effect over the next day or so.

We started Mobility Buzz to delve into the alternative transportation revolution. But what we have found is that our audience is in greater need of understanding the financing and insuring of the alternative transportation revolution. Hence, Mobility Finance. The site will explore the key trends shaping the future of mobility finance and the overall movement of people and goods.

This new era for the moving of people and goods has led to disruption among vehicle manufacturers, and is also creating an influx of new startups and business financing ventures. Toyota Financial Services, for example, inked a deal with Uber in May 2016, and peer-to-peer carshare service Getaround in January 2017, to develop a program in which the driver is able to use the income generated to pay for leasing charges.

“There is going to be an opportunity on the financial side to think about service models,” said Ryan Eustice, vice president of autonomous driving at Toyota Motor Corp.’s Silicon Valley-based research facility, said at the time. “So, rather than think about selling the asset [or] about financing the asset to someone who is buying this car, it’s really more like a service or subscription model that allows the potential borrower access to more people in terms of being able to use a Toyota for a ride. This is one of the new landscapes that in the future the autonomy will offer as a new business model.”

You may have noticed that we have already been gravitating to mobility financing coverage, even before this pivot. Recent coverage on the site has explored:

Expect more great mobility finance coverage on the new Mobility Finance.

Mobility Finance will also co-host the second annual Auto Finance Innovation 2017 conference with sister publication Auto Finance News. The event will explore the evolution of transportation, and is slated for May 17-18 at the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego. Visit to register or learn more. To request a media pass, contact Skylar Taylor at [email protected].

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