Royal Media launches new Marketing Solutions initiative

  • Skylar Taylor
  • September 5, 2019
  • Press

The service focuses on designing custom marketing campaigns for B2B clients

NEW YORK (September 5, 2019) — Royal Media has announced its new Marketing Solutions service, providing custom marketing solutions that utilize the company’s expertise in niche industries to reach client goals.  

Marketing Solutions collaborates with B2B organizations to conceptualize creative marketing campaigns that increase brand awareness and effectively generate, nurture, and convert leads. 

Given its 20+ years of B2B media experience, Royal Media is uniquely positioned to fuel company growth and success with creative capabilities, content generation expertise, and deep knowledge of industry-specific audiences. 

Custom Solutions Include:  

Audience Building  Through our expertise in niche B2B media, we can create channels that will help to build and cultivate your desired audience. Utilizing a mix of tools such as social media, custom content, and account-based marketing, we can build an engaged audience around any topic.    
Brand Strategy  Meet your brand objectives around extension, reach, deepening and improving brand recognition. We can create custom campaigns, content, and targeted messaging to ensure you meet your branding goals.  
Lead Generation & Cultivation  Drive conversions and increase ROI through campaigns that discover and identify new prospects. Leveraging our high-quality audience, we can help you generate qualified leads that position your sales team for success.   
Industry Analysis & Benchmarking  Leveraging the deep capabilities on our customer data platform, in combination with an engaged audience, we can provide actionable insights to our partners. We can deliver this data through polls, surveys, and behavioral tracking on our sites.   
Custom Content & Thought Leadership  With our editorial expertise, we can create content that will position your brand as a thought leader and enables you to build credibility. Content can be presented in a variety of formats including webinars, whitepapers, newsletters, websites, and in-person events.  
Design & Creative Consulting  Gain a creative advantage by leveraging our production capabilities to add a more dynamic component to your campaign. Our design can execute on ad creative, infographics, video and website design.    

For more details on Marketing Solutions and how Royal Media can work with you, visit us at or contact our sales team here 


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