The Foster Report unveils new website, product

  • Skylar Taylor
  • September 2, 2021
  • Press

The updated product enhances user experience 

NEW YORK, NY (September 2, 2021) – The Foster Report, the leading news source on policy trends, developments and regulations in the natural gas and oil industries, has launched its new website this week, providing readers with an improved user experience and enhanced data product.

The site has been revamped to provide users with a better and more immersive website experience. The website has added better navigation, content previews and categorization to improve usage of the site and access to the content.

The Foster Report was recently acquired by Royal Media, a leading specialized information company, in July.

Along with the new website design, the subscription product has been enhanced with additional features. Two new data sets have been added to the website, capturing key indicators from the Energy Information Administration. The data includes the Natural Gas and Storage Pipelines database and the Liquid Pipeline projects database. The Natural Gas and Storage Pipelines database lists projects by capacity, cost, company, and operator. It also features a sorting function that allows users to view projects by in-service date, region, and type. The Liquid Pipeline Projects database features a sorting function that allows users to view projects by metrics including region and type.

“Our hope is that the data enhancement combined with the improved website experience adds value for current and future subscribers,” said Molly Stewart, Chief Operating Officer of Royal Media. “Our intent is to continue to proactively add value to the website and subscription wherever we can with a focus on data and utility.”

A free trial is available to preview the new subscription product and services. To subscribe, visit the new website at


The Foster Report is the leading news source on policy trends, developments and regulations in the natural gas and oil industries. Uniquely, The Foster Report guides its readers to better understanding and awareness around the key policy issues that can make or break energy projects and growth initiatives. Policy matters covered include those with direct implications on production, marketing, transportation, distribution, and end-use projects.

The Foster Report covers the laws and regulations that drive not only the federal agenda but also local, state, and international developments. Foster takes particular pride in serving as the energy industry’s most thorough source on activities at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Canada Energy Regulator (CER). Foster’s coverage pays particular attention to sustainable energy policy, arguably today’s most important industry growth segment.

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